This Cooking small Japanese town is a vintage vending machine paradise

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Editor’s Note — Monthly Ticket is a CNN Travel series that spotlights some of the most fascinating topics in the travel world. In June, we’re going back in time to revisit some of the greatest retro travel experiences.(CNN) — There’s a reason Sagamihara, Japan, isn’t in travel guides. It’s a sprawling commuter city for nearby Yokohama and Tokyo; a mix of main roads, light industrial estates and quiet towns people go through rather than stop.However, a 30-minute bus ride from Sagami-Ono station and tucked behind a main road lies Tatsuhiro Saito’s used tire shop, an unexpected and remarkable destination for those looking for a taste of Japan’s recent past — dispensed from around 70 restored and working food vending machines from the Showa era (1926–1989).

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